Wolfson College

Wolfson College

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About Wolfson College

Founded in 1965 as “University College,” Wolfson College took on its current name in recognition of the Wolfson Foundation and Sir Isaac Wolfson in 1973. The college admits only mature students (those over the age of twenty-one) for graduate, doctoral, and some undergraduate studies.

Wolfson College describes its community as egalitarian and dedicated to including all students. The college admits both men and women as scholars and Fellows, the first college to do so at Cambridge.

Students studying at Wolfson can participate in several societies and clubs under the umbrella organization Wolfson College Students’ Association (WCSA). The college boasts one of the most successful rowing teams, run by the Wolfson College Boat Club. They also have a Language and Culture Society and Wolfson Contemporary Reading Group.

Though still young in the history of colleges at Cambridge, Wolfson College maintains notable alumni including President of Zambia Rupiah Banda, English composer Matthew Fisher, and Justice of the Australian High Court Susan Kiefel. Zhang Xin, the self-made seventh-richest woman in the world, also attended Wolfson College.

The History of Wolfson College

The Post-WWII era brought many research students to Cambridge University, and the university decided to accommodate these scholars with mature student institutions. After a donation from the Wolfson Foundation, the college built new additions around the original Bredon House and the East and West courts. Grouping the buildings around the two courts keeps the old college-style architectural tradition at Cambridge.

Wolfson has attained much of its financial support from donations and benefactors, including Dr. Lee Seng Tee, a Singaporean businessman and philanthropist. He donated the Lee Library in 1994. The floors include unique additions like a bookbinder’s press with a triskelion lever and a model of the Peking Observatory armillary sphere.

Taking the bell from Sir Isaac Wolfson’s crest and the lions from the Cambridge University crest, Wolfson combines the elements in their own coat of arms. The connection to the university continues the college’s tradition of boasting a young, but distinguished scholarly history.

Wolfson College Contact & Location

Barton Road, Cambridge CB3 9BB
Tel: +44 1223 335908
Fax: +44 1223 335937
Email: ug-admissions@wolfson.cam.ac.uk

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