Trinity College

Nevile Court at Trinity College

Nevile Court at Trinity College. Photo by Chris Huang.

About Trinity College

Trinity College consistently ranks in the top 10 on the Tompkins Table (a system that ranks the academic performance of each college at Cambridge). The Trinity Mathematical Society is the oldest in all the United Kingdom.

Carrying a tradition of excellence in the math and sciences, Trinity’s distinguished alumni include Sir Isaac Newton, Niels Bohr, and Sir Francis Bacon. Bertrand Russell, a Nobel Prize winner for his literary work examining humanitarianism, also attended Trinity College.

The History of  Trinity College

Trinity college architecture

Trinity College. Photo by the Munn Brothers.

Dating back to the 16th Century reign of Henry VIII, Trinity College at Cambridge University was founded in 1546. It combined the Michaelhouse and King’s Hall colleges, saving the King royal funds. At the time, Henry VIII was seizing church lands, and Oxford and Cambridge ran the risk of losing their college land to the King’s mandates.

Having established in old structures, Thomas Nevile built up most of the current buildings at Trinity College during his time as the college master in 1593. Nevile Court finished in his honour in the 17th Century.

The coat of arms for Trinity College was granted in 1575. It bears the chevron, surrounded by three roses symbolizing the growth of knowledge. At the top sits a lion and two books for learning.

Cloisters are situated around the court shelter members of the college as they walk between the Great Hall, Wren Library, and New Court. The Wren Library contains some of Sir Isaac Newton’s original letters.

Trinity College Traditions

Students wishing to participate in charity have the opportunity to work with the Parish of St. George’s, Camberwell in South London. The relationship between Trinity and Camberwell promotes education for young children in the area.

Trinity College hosts a tradition known as The Great Court Run, which has appeared in movies such as Chariots of Fire. The run challenges students to make it around the 370-metre perimeter of the court before the clock strikes twelve. Attempts are made on the day of the Matriculation Dinner (a formal meal admitting the students) at noon.

Trinity College Contact & Location

Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TQ
Tel: +44 1223 338400
Fax: +44 1223 338564

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