St. Catharine’s College

St. Catharine's College

The view of St Catharine’s College from Trumpington Street. Photo by Stanley Howe.

About St. Catharine’s College

St. Catharine’s College was established in 1473 and received its Royal Charter to join the University of Cambridge in 1475. Robert Woodlark started the college with only one Master and two Fellows, and began admitting undergraduates in the 16th Century.

St. Catharine's Coat of Arms

St. Catharine’s College Coat of Arms. Image by Prisonblues.

St. Catharine’s members have the chance to participate in several societies while attending, including the Shirley Society. This literary group brings artists, authors, and experts throughout the year to discuss their works and share in the knowledge of the art. The college is also known for its athletic success in racket and hockey sports, with clubs for each.

Notable alumni of St. Catharine’s include actor Sir Ian McKellen, journalist for the BBC Jeremy Paxman, and the first female captain for British Airways, Jenny R. Fray.

The college’s coat of arms depicts a golden wheel amidst a deep red background. This coincides with St. Catharine’s (unofficial) mascot, “For the wheel!”

St. Catharine’s College Grounds & Architecture

St. Catharine’s has a unique three-sided court, one of four courts between Oxford and Cambridge universities that are not completely enclosed. It faces Trumpington Street, the site the college moved to after originally establishing on Queen’s Lane. The college has proposed placing buildings to enclose the court, but no plans have yet been enacted.

The Chapel at St. Catharine’s hosts a strong tradition of musical excellence at the college. With the renovations in 2009, refurbished three-manual organ, and popular ‘Luminaria’ evening light service, the church opens its doors to members of St. Catharine’s or their guests from any denomination or faith. The north and south sides of the sanctuary also display the engraved names of past members of the college who gave their lives during WWI and WWII.

St. Catharine’s College Contact & Location

Trumpington Street, Cambridge CB2 1RL
Tel: +44 1223 338300
Fax: +44 1223 338340

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