Queens’ College

Queens' College

The Mathematical Bridge at Queens’ College. Photo by sadsid96.

About Queens’ College

Queens’ College at Cambridge University was founded in 1448 by Margaret of Anjou, the wife of Henry VI, also the founder of King’s College at Cambridge. Elizabeth Woodville, the wife of Edward IV, re-founded the college in 1465, which explains the apostrophe placement in the name: “Queens’,” plural-possessive, as opposed to “Queen’s,” singular-possessive.

As one of the first colleges at Cambridge, Queens’ College helped establish the teaching and tutorial system unique to the university-college system of education. The university hosts lectures and exams, but each college has a Senior Tutor that supervises their own lectures, exams, and discussions.

Queens’ College also shares its name with several other colleges in the world. These include the colleges in Oxford, London, Melbourne, Australia, Hong Kong, China, and Queen’s University in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Queens’ College: The Mathematical Bridge

The Mathematical Bridge over the River Cam at Queens’ joins the older half of the college (referred to as The Dark Side), with the newer section (The Light Side). Stories once circulated that Sir Isaac Newton created the bridge without nuts or bolts, and students at the time tried to take apart and rebuild the structure. However, historical chronology has revealed that Newton died 22 years before the actual architect, James Essex the younger, built the bridge in 1749.

Queens’ College & Royalty

Queens’ College has had several royal patrons throughout the institution’s history. Starting with the foundresses Margaret of Anjou and Elizabeth Woodville, the list also includes Anne Neville, Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, and the Queen of England Elizabeth II.

The coat of arms for Queens’ College derives from Margaret of Anjou, whose own arms have been passed down to the university. The only difference is an added green border for the college. The coat of arms shows six lordships of where Margaret’s father, Rene, Duke of Anjou, had dominion.

Queens’ College Contact & Location

Silver Street, Cambridge CB3 9ET
Tel: +44 1223 335511
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Email: admissions@queens.cam.ac.uk

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