Pembroke College

Pembroke College

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About Pembroke College

Pembroke College first established on Christmas Eve in 1347. Under the decree of Edward III, Marie de St. Pol gained the right to establish a new college at Cambridge University with the original name “The Hall of Valence Mary.” Marie was the widow of the Earl of Pembroke, and thus the college took on his name in 1856.

Actor Tom Hiddleston is a graduate of Pembroke College.

Pembroke College Architecture

Unlike most colleges at Cambridge, Pembroke College sits on the site of its establishment and maintains an unbroken constitution from its founding. The center of the college, the Old Court, still has the buildings necessary for every aspect of college life: the Chapel, the kitchen, the student residences, the hall, and the master’s quarters.

Foundress Court at Pembroke, which finished construction in 1997, offers students a newer set of buildings in contrast to those dating as early as the 14th Century. The court includes bedsitting rooms for disabled students, a multi-gym exercise room, a new computer room, a Master’s Lodge, two fellows accommodations, a common room, a seminar room, and sound-proofed music rooms.

Pembroke College: A Global Community

In the global sector, Pembroke operates the only International Programmes Department at Cambridge University, and allows students from foreign countries to study at the college for a semester or summer. The summer programs include the Pembroke-King’s Program, the International Security and Intelligence Programme, and the Pembroke College-National Academy of Writing Summer Programme.

Pembroke College also offers students a chance to work with the charity Pembroke House, which undergraduate students of the college founded in Walworth, South London, in 1885. Students can help the community by working with the Pembroke Academy of Music to put on joint concerts, fundraising, and visiting the area to lend a hand on projects like the Southwark Council sponsored youth centre.

Pembroke College Contact & Location

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