Murray Edwards College

Murray Edwards COllege

Concert at Murray Edwards College. Photo by Mihnea Maftei.

About Murray Edwards College

Founded as “New Hall” in 1954, Murray Edwards College at Cambridge University is women-only college. It received its Royal Charter as a recognized college at Cambridge in 1972.

Murray Edwards remains one of few colleges left to admit only female applicants, a practice that is now unique to Cambridge University in the United Kingdom. It differs from other colleges like Lucy Cavendish College, though, because it allows men to submit for teaching and staff positions.

Notable alumnae of Murray Edwards College include Academy Award winning actress Tilda Swinton, and BBC World News anchor Mishal Husain.

Murray Edwards College History

The original name, “New Hall,” did not come from the name of any benefactors, but the change to Murray Edwards in 2008 combines the maiden name and married name of the first president, Dame Rosemary Murray Edwards.

Murray Edwards College first resided on Silver Street, now the site of Darwin College at Cambridge. After a generous donation from the Darwin family, Murray Edwards took over the Darwin family home “The Orchard” on Huntingdon Road. In 1981 with the help of the Kaetsu Educational Foundation, Tokyo, the college completed an architectural plan that allowed for a lecture hall, new student residents, and conference rooms.

Murray Edwards College Architecture

Students today can take their meals in the dining hall area known as The Dome building. An architectural wonder, the petals of the dome are made from 4-inch thick concrete and rest their weight on eight pillars with hollow steel tubes that double as water drains from the roof. The light pours into the dining hall through the glass-covered gaps between the petals. After a remodeling, the facilities now allow for easier distribution of the food to the students from the kitchen through lifts.

Murray Edwards College Contact & Location

Huntingdon Road, Cambridge CB3 0DF
Tel: +44 1223 762100
Fax: +44 1223 352941

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