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Lucy Cavendish College

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About Lucy Cavendish College

University of Cambridge female researchers and lecturers founded Lucy Cavendish College in 1965 to support the equal education of females at the university. The three women, zoologist Anna McClean Bidder, medieval historian Kathleen Louise Wood-Legh, and philosopher Margaret Mary Brathwaite, formed The Dining Group, a collection of people ineligible for the status of fellow at Cambridge who wished to hold open, scholarly conversations.

The college was  formerly known as Lucy Cavendish Collegiate Society, named after Lucy Caroline Cavendish, a woman who supported the reform for women’s education. Enrollment is limited to students over the age of twenty-one.

Lucy Cavendish College

Lucy Cavendish College received their Royal Charter as a recognized college at Cambridge in 1997. With Lucy Cavendish accepting only female students and staff members, Cambridge University now remains the only university in the United Kingdom to charter a college that limits their admissions by gender.

Although it accepts only women, the college boasts a diverse student body with a balance in enrollment between their undergraduate and graduate students. Women from all over the world, from many backgrounds come to Lucy Cavendish to study.

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