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About King’s College

King’s College at Cambridge University was founded in 1441 by Henry VI. William of Wykeham had founded New College at Oxford and Winchester College in 1379, and Henry desired to surpass William’s successes. Henry had originally planned for a small group of rectors and scholars, but the competition sparked the grandeur of his efforts to build up King’s into a college with fellows, scholars, and a provost.

The undergraduate courses at King’s College include all but education, Land Economy, and veterinary medicine. Directors from other parts of Cambridge that specialize in some areas of these subjects visit King’s for those students interested.

For the students’ social life, the college offers a main bar for social events and informal meetings. Modern students might also enjoy the Bunker bar.

King’s College Throughout History

Henry VI began buying up land that had previously held town shops, houses, and the site where ‘Godshouse,’ or Christ’s College, used to reside. He also acquired the Clare gardens across the River Cam, but Clare College took over the land later in the 17th Century.

Interestingly, a temporary hospital in WWI was established at the site where Clare and King’s College sports grounds sat and where the University Library now sits.

King’s College’s Back Lawn saw an investment in care starting in 1772 when the college leaders decided to improve its ornamental appearance on the grounds. The college planted grass seed and laid gravel on the paths. Contrary to the preservation of the lawn, the provost and fellows still allowed their horses to graze on the grass. Today, cows now graze on the Back Lawn under regulation.

The fellows of King’s College elect the provost, but the practice did not take effect until 1689 when the Fellows rejected Isaac Newton of Trinity as a nominee. The British Royal Crown had previously nominated the provosts, but the Fellows refused to accept William III’s appointment.

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