Jesus College

Jesus College Courtyard

Photo by Jerzy Kociatkiewicz

About Jesus College

Bishop of Ely John Alcock founded Jesus College at Cambridge University in 1496. Formally known as ‘The College of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Saint John the Evangelists and the glorious Saint Radegund, near Cambridge,’ the college sits on the 12th century grounds of the Benedictine nunnery St. Mary and St. Ragegund. The Chapel and the nun’s cloisters still remain at the center of the college’s campus.

Notable members of Jesus College include Prince Edward the current Earl of Wessex, poet and philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge, and Archbishop of Canterbury Matthew Hutton.

Jesus College Grounds & Architecture

The grounds of Jesus College have the old buildings at the center, five courts and several buildings to house students further out, and 24 acres of land for students to browse and play. Many of the older colleges at Cambridge own extensive plots of land due to their longer settlement time. The Chapel, completed in 1245 well before Jesus College’s establishment, underwent modifications when the college took over and now houses college rooms in the Western Nave.

The Chapel also has the Jesus College Choir, which consists of both male and female vocalists who come mostly from the college itself. The choir sings twice a week at services and represents a musical program dedicated to the Chapel tradition at Cambridge.

Jesus College Chapel Choir

Drawn from members of the town of Cambridge, the Chapel also hosts the Jesus College Chapel Choir, which consists of choristers, or young boys who learn the art of singing, the teachings of their religion, and the discipline to commit their time to two services and two rehearsals a week at the college. The choristers also travel to countries including the United States, France, and Germany, where they tour, record, and broadcast their performances.

Jesus College Contact & Location

Jesus Lane, Cambridge CB5 8BL
Tel: +44 1223 339339
Fax: +44 1223 339313

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