Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall

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About Hughes Hall

Hughes Hall, established in 1885 as Cambridge Training College for Women Teachers, is one of four Cambridge University colleges that admit only “mature” students, those over the age of 21. This age limit still includes both undergraduate and graduate students, but uses tutors and directors of study that tailor to the needs of the older scholar.

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Hughes Hall offers a connected community focused on caring and openness. The choice to keep the name as a ‘Hall’ instead of a ‘College’ came because of the high number of students housed at the college. It refers to the term “hall of residence” and reflects on Hughes’ tradition of focusing on their students’ wellbeing.

Hughes Hall – Pioneering Women’s Education

The first principal of the hall, Miss Elizabeth Phillip Hughes, spearheaded the idea of teaching males and females in a co-educational environment. Hughes Hall helped pioneer education for women and for women in graduate programs at a time when Cambridge did not acknowledge graduate degrees for female students. The goal of the leaders at Hughes is to provide a balanced, ideal education involving a mix of genders.

Women first received degrees from Cambridge University in 1948, and Hughes Hall became an official associate of the university in 1949. The university then recognized it as an Approved Foundation in 1985, and Hughes Hall gained full collegiate recognition in 2006.

Hughes Hall – Sports & Alumni

Supporting their students’ and alumni’s social wellbeing, the hall offers several successful teams in sports such as rugby, boxing, cricket, and rowing. The Hughes Hall College Boat Club won the Cambridge University Pegasus Cup in 2007 and 2009, an incredible feat because the team often has to train new members each year due to the hall’s high-enrollment numbers for graduate students studying in one-year programs.

Notable associates and alumni of Hughes Hall include John Hopkins, a former director of studies in law, British theologian Theo Hobson, and Andrew Murrison, a conservative member of parliament for Westbury.

Hughes Hall Contact and Location

Mortimer Road, Cambridge CB1 2EW
Tel: +44 1223 334898
Fax: +44 1223 311179

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