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Gonville & Caius

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About Gonville & Caius College

Founded in 1384 as Gonville Hall, Gonville & Caius College at Cambridge University is the fourth oldest college on the campus. Edmund Gonville first established the hall, and John Caius re-established it as a college under the joined name of Gonville & Caius (pronounced “keys”) College in 1557.

Gonville & Caius has undergone several periods of enrollment decline and rebuilding during its history. John Caius was one of the first fellows to return and help build support for the dwindling community at the college. He left Gonville & Caius with the Caius Courtyard and three main gates: “Humility,” “Virtue,” and “Honour.”

Teaching and research at the college became gradually specialized between 1860 and 1926. The college had endured another period of declining enrollment and the University Commissions stepped in to help reform the college’s endowments and statues. Now, Gonville & Caius ranks high in the community of Cambridge colleges with large endowments used to support their students and research.

Keeping with the noted tradition as one of the University’s oldest colleges, students at Gonville & Caius regularly attend communal dinners. At Formal “Hall” (dinner), they must wear dress robes and rise when fellows enter.

Gonville & Caius Alumni

The college does offer strong academic programs in the major disciplines, and has a history of producing successful graduates in the medical teaching industry. The neutron, penicillin, and DNA structure, were all discovered by Gonville & Caius members.

The college has graduated several Nobel Prize Winners and notable alumni. These names include Sir James Chadwick who discovered the neutron, Sir Howard Florey who discovered penicillin, and Stephen Hawking, the theoretical physicist.

Journalist and television personality, David Frost attended Gonville & Caius College. He recived his Bachelor’s Degree in English there.

Gonville & Caius College Contact and Location

Trinity Street, Cambridge CB2 1TA
Tel: +44 1223 332400
Fax: +44 1223 332456
Email: admissions@cai.cam.ac.uk

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