Clare Hall

Clare Hall

Photo by Steve Cadman.

About Clare Hall

Stemming from the original Clare College at Cambridge University, Clare Hall was founded in 1965 as a college for postgraduate advanced study. A group of fellows within Clare College began planning in 1964 when they saw a need for an establishment dedicated to higher scholarly collaboration.

Known for its informality, Clare Hall does not have a high-table at meals or a senior common room. It is noticeably diverse with a variety of national backgrounds and research interests, and it remains one of the smallest colleges within Cambridge University. It also maintains one of the highest student-to-fellow ratios at Cambridge University.

Richard Eden, a quantum theorist at Cambridge, wrote in a proposal to the fellows that, “The aim should be to establish a Society of Fellows primarily engaged in advanced study, to bring together an international community of scholars and Cambridge University lecturers and professor.” The college then opened with a donation of buildings and land on Herschel Road.

Clare Hall, A Global College

The college has established the International Study and Research Centre to foster international fellowships and bring a diverse group of academics to study. With connections in China, Japan, and South Korea, the program broadens the research and studies of those attending or participating in visiting fellowships at the college.

With its international connections, the college has hosted several notable fellows including former President of the Republic of Korea and Nobel Peace Prize Winner Kim Dae-Jung, and the President for the University of Michigan and then Columbia University, Lee Bollinger.

The Institute of Advanced Studies at the University of Bologna, Italy, is modeled after the structures and styles found on Clare Hall’s campus.

Clare Hall Contact & Location

Herschel Road, Cambridge CB3 9AL
Tel: +44 1223 332360
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