Churchill College

Churchill College

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About Churchill College

Churchill College is one of 31 colleges within Cambridge University, but stands out for notable academic achievement. It is the national and commonwealth memorial to former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill, as recognized by a Royal Charter in 1960. The college’s academic focuses consist mainly of science, engineering, and technology, but also reflect an interest in humanities that mirror Churchill’s own curiosities.

Churchill College, A Progressive Tradition

Churchill has a reputation for relative informality compared to other Cambridge colleges. As one of the newer colleges, it prides itself on forward thinking and innovation, maintaining fewer traditions than most at the university.

The progressive Churchill College was the first all-male school to allow women to study in its hallowed halls. The college is made up of undergraduate and graduate students from all over the world, with more than 7,000 distinguished alumni, twenty of whom have won the Nobel Prize.

Churchill College aims to give financial aid to students who might not otherwise have the funds to attend Cambridge University. Various overseas scholarships are available to enrich the diverse nature of the college. The Winston Churchill scholarship, for example, gives qualified American students the opportunity and aid to study at Cambridge.

Churchill College Grounds & Location

Located near to the Centre for Mathematical Sciences at Cambridge, Churchill College is physically the largest of its kind. The land reaches across forty acres, with facilities for social life and athletic competition. The adjoining Archives Centre is home to the papers of more than six-hundred historical figures, including Churchill and former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher. It exists as one of the most important repositories in the world for studying leadership in multiple time periods.

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