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Christ's College

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About Christ’s College

Christ’s College was founded in 1505 by Mary Beaufort, who was the mother of King Henry VIII. As one of the oldest colleges within Cambridge University, Christ’s has an excellent academic reputation and has topped the Tompkins Table (a list showing the rankings of Cambridge University’s colleges) for the last twenty years.

The college originally established in 1437 under the name God’s College, but King Henry VI forced the college off their land to build what is now King’s College at Cambridge. After the move and later re-establishment by Mary Beaufort, the name changed to Christ’s College.

Christ’s College still uses many of the original 15th century buildings such as The Great Gate on St. Andrew’s Street, as well as the Gate House and Master’s Lodge. It also has a Junior and Middle Combination Room for the undergraduate and graduate students to socialize, respectively. The MCR is one of few at Cambridge that has its own bar where it commonly serves malt whiskies and Belgian beers.

Christ’s College, A Scientific Haven

Christ’s specializes in biological sciences, and endured the changing relationship between religion and science during the enlightenment period. The curriculum used to support a harmonious relationship between the two, but when Charles Darwin, noted alum of Christ’s, announced his findings regarding evolution, the curriculum again shifted.

Christ’s College now celebrates Darwin with their Darwin Garden and bronze sculpture exhibits. The public can view parts of the college and the exhibits during the specified hours around the academic schedule.

Many of the college’s other alumni have gone on to lead top research institutions, and notable members include Christian philosopher William Paley, English poet John Milton, and Sir Martin Evans, the first scientist to culture mice embryonic cells.

Christ’s College Contact & Location

St Andrew’s Street, Cambridge CB2 3BU
Tel: +44 1223 334900
Fax: +44 1223 334967

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