Kim Philby

Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five

The story of Kim Philby and the Cambridge Five is dramatized in the classic BBC miniseries Cambridge Spies. Click the image above to learn more.

Kim Philby – Life

Harold Adrian Russell Philby, better known as “Kim,” was born 1 January 1912, in India to British parents. He is best known for his involvement in the infamous “Cambridge Five,” a group of British nationals who served as double agents for the Soviet Union in the late years of World War II, and throughout the Cold War. He is the subject of the 2014 biography A Spy Among Friends.

Kim Philby married four times and had several children. He met his first wife, Litzi Friedmann, while working in Vienna to help refugees from Nazi Germany. former MI5 senior officer Peter Wright speculated that Litzi was the one who originally recruited Kim Philby for the Soviet Union.

Kim Philby – Work

Kim Philby’s memoir details his exploits as a double agent. Click to read more.

Kim Philby served for many years as a part of the British Secret Intelligence Service (SIS). He had already been a Soviet agent for several years when he was recruited by the British government.

He worked his way up the ranks to become head of the Soviet section of counterintelligence for the British. From this position of power he fed the Soviet government secrets and plans. He helped arrange the escape of some of his fellow double agents.

On several occasions he came close to being exposed, but evaded punishment. His luck ran out in 1963 and he fled to the Soviet Union, where he spent the rest of his life.

While working abroad in the Middle East, Kim Philby’s cover was as a journalist for The Times.

After defecting to the USSR, he published his memoir titled My Silent War in Britain.

Kim Philby at Cambridge

Kim Philby attended Trinity College, University of Cambridge, on a scholarship. He read History and Economics. It was during his time at university that he became a fervent believer in communism. It was also during this time that Kim Philby made the connexions and friends, including Guy Burgess and Anthony Blunt, who would go on to form the notorious spy ring, the “Cambridge Five.”

Kim Philby graduated in 1933. is not affiliated with University of Cambridge.