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Punting Map

Punting Map

Photo courtesy of Visit Cambridge

Because the River Cam runs through the heart of Cambridge, a popular tour amongst locals and tourists is punting. It is a handy method of transportation, as well.

Not only does it get you around town, but it enables you to enjoy fantastic views of the world famous Cambridge College ‘Backs’ from the comfort of a traditional Cambridge Punt. King’s College Chapel, The Wren Library at Trinity College and the Bridge of Sighs are just some of the famous Cambridge landmarks you can expect to see during a 45-minute chauffeured punt tour.

Punting Map

Punting Map

This map is courtesy of Visit Cambridge & Beyond. Click to enlarge the map and zoom in.

There are several authorized punting companies in Cambridge, but some favorites are listed below.

Scudamore’s Punting Company is Cambridge’s original punting company, founded in the early 20th Century. They offer boat hire and Cambridge tours services to both residents and visitors.

Lets Go Punting specialises in private and shared chauffeured punting tours. Sit back and relax while your chauffeur punts you along the River Cam providing an interesting and informational tour focusing on the best of Cambridge’s history.

Cambridge Chauffeur Punts was founded in 1993 and have since built a fleet of 27 Punts, some of which are double punts, designed for taking groups such as schools and conference groups of up to 100 people. You can choose from taking a tour with a chauffeur guide or giving punting a try for yourself.

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