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Cycling Map

cycling map

Cycling is one of the most popular modes of transportation in Cambridge. Photo courtesy of Visit Cambridge.

Cambridgeshire is one of the best places in the United Kingdom to cycle because it is relatively flat and has an extensive cycle network for people of all ages and abilities to enjoy. The cycling map provided by the Cambridgeshire County Council below offers a complete description of all of the cycle lanes and routes in the city.

The city boasts over 80 miles of cycle lanes and routes, offering a quick and easy way to travel throughout the city, whilst cutting down on your carbon footprint.

Cambridge has the highest level of cycling in the country with one in four residents cycling to work.

Cycling in Cambridge not only offers an excellent opportunity to admire the city’s open spaces and beautiful architecture, but is a healthy alternative mode of transportation.

Cycling can also provide an easy way to get to the neighborhoods surrounding Cambridge.

The city has been working relentlessly to improve cycling around the city for pedestrians and cyclists. Over the past few years, many routes have been improved and added. They have also added lots of traffic signals, route markers and signs to protect pedestrians, cyclists and drivers.

Cycling Map

cycling map

Click on the map to zoom in and find your destination. Map provided by the Cambridgeshire County Council

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