Plan an Event in Cambridge

Plan an Event in Cambridge

Hyatt Hotel, Cambridge MA

Plan an event in Cambridge: Looking for a unique place to hold your corporate or private event? Look no further than Cambridge, Massachusetts to plan an event or conference.

Cambridge is a great place for your group, whether you are planning a large gathering with event planners or a small, private party on your own at a Cambridge hotel or restaurant. Many venues include catering and event setup so hosting your event is easy.

Massachusetts to plan an event in cambridge or conference.

Meeting Room at The Charles Hotel in Harvard Square

As one of the leading cities in the world for higher education, Cambridge is home to a number of colleges and universities, which serve as perfect venues for conferences or events.

Cambridge also has a great selection of hotels and restaurants to facilitate your events needs. Whether you are looking for a small, intimate environment or a space big enough to accommodate a large party, Cambridge has a diverse array of venues in the city to fit your specific needs for your conferences & events.

Harvard University Conference Plan an Event in Cambridge

The 1st Annual Harvard Entrepreneurship Conference April 2012 held at Harvard University Northwest Building, 62 Oxford Street.

Some popular venues include The Hyatt Regency, The Marriott, The Charles Hotel, and Upstairs on the Square.

You can find a Cambridge venue tailored to your specific event needs so that, no matter your locale, your event will be a success.

Be sure to explore the various Cambridge venues to find out more about hosting a conference or event in Cambridge.