Religious Schools

There are a number of Christian private religious schools in Cambridge that provide students with an academically stimulating environment enriched by the tradition of the church.

While these Cambridge schools are all influenced by the teachings of Christianity, their student bodies reflect the religious diversity of the city and the high value placed on education in Cambridge.

Matignon High School is a coed Catholic high school that is built on promoting the ideals of academic excellence, Catholic morality, self-respect and service to the community. The school is known for its students’ athletic prowess and has state-of-the-art facilities on campus.

More Cambridge Religious Schools

religious schools Episcopal Divinity School

Religious schools. Photo by Daderot

For boys in grades 5-8 who are musically gifted and academically strong, the Boston Archdiocesan School offers education in the musical tradition of the Catholic Church. The school is located at Saint Paul’s church in Cambridge.

A Roman Catholic elementary school, Saint Peter’s was established by the Sisters of Notre Dame in 1901 and serves students in grades 1-8. It is the mission of the school to honor the catholic faith while embracing multiculturalism.