MIT Student Activities

MIT Student Activities

MIT in all its glory. Photo by iheartpandas.

When looking at Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) mission for student activities three words come to mind: community, diversity, and leadership. For many MIT students, school activities are always a great way to get involved with the community, friends and the school itself.

MIT advocates students to test new ideas, develop leadership skills, and create a stronger sense of community all the while supporting students in the quest to finding themselves. All this is reached through the environment provided through MIT’s student activities.

Bonding together to solve problems, lead groups, learn and have fun is what school should be about and thankfully MIT provides this kind of experience to its students.

MIT Student Activities: Community Events

Since community is a huge part of MIT, it would only make sense to have a portion of MIT student activities involve the community!

A number of community wide programs and initiatives are provided through MIT’s Student Activities office in order to have fun, celebrate each other and to build community. From the Fall Comedy Show to the Spring Concert, the students are always having a good time.

Diversity and Inclusion

MIT Student Activities

Diversity in all forms is accepted at MIT. Photo by George A. Spiva Center for the Arts.

In order to give off a better feeling of belonging, excellence and wellness, the MIT’s Student Activities office comes together with students to plan out activities that cover all kinds of diverse topics.

By providing MIT’s Student Activities workshops, events and programs of an educational nature it allows students to tap into and engage in topics revolving around diversity, inclusion, social justice, and difference.

Not only that, but also there are a number of showcases presented that display different and unique cultures to develop a better sense of community for all students.  Also, because of these MIT’s Student Activities, relationships are built between students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Leadership Programs

MIT Student Activities

Photo by Wesley Fryer

MIT’s Student Activities office is also committed to helping students and providing opportunities for students to practice their leadership skills in order to gain the skill set and feedback necessary to sharpen and define their abilities.

Some of the few qualities that are developed/improved through these leadership programs are self-awareness, balance, integrity, collaboration and group development. Once again those are only a few characteristics that the leadership programs work on.

Because of all the MIT Student Activities that go on at the school, and the feeling of belonging that is so clearly there, it is hard to not want to go to this school.