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Student Housing Options: Lesley University

Student Housing Options: Lesley University! Photo courtesy of Lesley

About Student Housing Options: Lesley University

Undergraduates – On Campus

Lesley's Office of Residence Life. Photo courtesy of Lesley University Office of Residence Life.

Lesley’s Office of Residence Life. Photo courtesy of Lesley University Office of Residence Life.

Lesley University guarantees its undergraduate students on-campus housing for two years provided they pay a $300 deposit. There are currently approximately 900 student living on-campus.

Students should expect to pay about $8,000 for room and board if they decide to live on campus.

Students have the option to live on two different campuses—Doble or Brattle—and have a wide variety to choose from when it comes to types of dorms.

Lesley University Dorm Amenities

According to their website, Lesley says that a residence hall “include[s] kitchenettes, community lounges with cable television access, and laundry facilities” as well as full internet access.

Doble Campus

Most students live on Doble Campus, but there are many different options when it comes to what sort of dorm experience they would like.  Doble is home to the suites, the Victorian houses, and several traditional style dorms.

A view of Lesley's Victorian houses. Photo courtesy of Lesley University.

A view of Lesley’s Victorian houses. Photo courtesy of Lesley University,

The traditional style dorms include White, Mackenzie, Malloch, Doble, and Wolfard.  Opened in 1958, White is the oldest of these buildings, and it gets its name from Trentwell Mason White, the second president of the University.  In addition to the residence halls, White also includes Doble Campus’s main dining hall, making it a very convenient location for students.

Malloch, Mackenzie, and Wolfard are all located above the Student Center, just across the quad from White.  These are all-female dorms, and are perfect for students who are serious about their studies due to their quiet nature.  Doble Hall is across the quad, directly above the fitness center, Counseling Center, and Center for Academic Achievement.  Doble Hall is co-ed.

Doble campus includes 12 Victorian houses: Kirkland, Sacramento, Compass, and Jenckes, to name just a few.  Because these houses can only hold about 15-20 students, they have tend to have a strong sense of community.  Some of the houses have themes such as music, the arts, quieter living, and substance-free living.

The suites are located at 1 Wendell Street and are usually home to upperclassmen.  The suites are co-ed and can be 4, 6, or 8-person occupancy.  The suites resemble apartment-style living, as each one contains a kitchenette, a living room, and 1-2 bathrooms.

Brattle Campus

On the Brattle campus, students can live in Kidder Hall, Lawrence Hall, Rousmaniere Hall or Winthrop Hall.

A view of Lawrence Hall from the Brattle Campus quad. Photo by Leanna Silvestrone.

A view of Lawrence Hall from the Brattle Campus quad. Photo by Leanna Silvestrone.

Kidder Hall houses mainly upperclassmen.  Kidder hall consists of mostly suites, and consists of a full kitchen on the first floor.

Lawrence Hall is Brattle’s version of a traditional style dorm.  This beautiful, historical stone building houses about 90 students, both freshman and upperclassmen alike.  The first floor is designated for freshmen only.

Rousmaniere Hall houses about 13 students who are mostly upperclassmen and transfers.  It has two full-sized kitchens, one on the first floor, and one on the second.  It’s theme is scholarly living.

Winthrop Hall, or the Winthrop Towers, are home to approximately 80 students.  This historic stone building consists of four towers, and each tower contains several kitchenettes and bathrooms.

Undergraduate Off-Campus: Lesley does not help students in search for off-campus housing options. However, on their website, the Office of Residence Life has compiled a list of local and online realtors for students. Some include listings on Craigslist and Century21. The university is also accepting listings form more locally based (i.e. Boston, Cambridge and Somerville) companies as well.

Faculty and Graduate/Family Off- and On-Campus: Specific information regarding faculty and graduate/family housing for Lesley students is not available online. Please use the information at the end of this page for Lesley University’s Office of Residence Life.

Nearby Neighborhoods

Student Housing Options: Lesley University

The Boston Public Garden


Boston is a college town. During the summer this is most notable because all of the 60,000 students that immigrate to the city leave for home.

With a rich history, Boston proper’s 50 square mile radius encompasses many restaurants, museums and shopping opportunities.

Other forms of entrainment include seeing Off-Broadway shows in the Theatre District and the Swan boats in the Boston Common/Public Garden Area.

Boston is also known for its professional sports teams such as the Red Sox, Celtics and Bruins.

Student Housing Options: Lesley University

Brookline Reservoir. Photo by John Phelan


Adjacent to Boston, Brookline is a suburb that serves also as a mini-global hub of culture. There are many different cuisines and cultures such as Russian, Ethiopian, and Mexican.

Some more interesting attractions include the Coolidge Corner district where visitors and catch an indie film or older flick at the Coolidge Corner Theatre.

We also recommend browsing Brookline Booksmith!


Student Housing Options: Lesley University

Photo by Lorianne DiSabato

A very eclectic city, Cambridge encompasses a number of different restaurants and shopping plazas each with its own style and inter-nationality.

Cambridge is known as the “City of Squares” because it is divided into districts known as squares.

These include Kendall Square, Central Square, Porter Square and most famously Harvard Square.

Cambridge is very accessible by the MBTA’s Red-line. Some “T” stops include: Harvard, Kendall/MIT and Davis.

For more information about Cambridge, including restaurants and museums, please refer to the Visiting Cambridge section of our website.

For more information, please contact the Lesley University Office of Residence Life at (617) 349-8585.