Undergraduate Student Government (USG)

Lesley Undergraduate Student Government

One of the best ways to get involved at Lesley University is to join the Undergraduate Student Government, or USG.  USG functions as the middle-man that communicates with students and faculty in order to make Lesley a better place.

Lesley USG

Lesley USG’s logo. Photo courtesy of Lesley USG.

USG works hard to address the needs and interests of the student body.  An executive board, a senate, and various committees are elected into office.  Students from all four classes, as well as students from the College for the Adult Learner, are represented in these sub-groups.

Lesley USG makes appearances at a variety of campus events in order to gain attention from the students they serve.  USG hosts several Bingo nights, a meet-and-greet, and an ice cream social at the beginning of the year to reach out and start conversations with the student body.

The office of the Undergraduate Student Government is located on the first floor of White Hall near the dining commons.  Students are encouraged to swing by and see how they can get involved in decisions about student life, academics, and policies.  Students are also encouraged to participate in town meetings hosted by the officials they have elected to student government.

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