Swingin’ Lynx

Lesley’s Swingin’ Lynx

Swingin’ Lynx is Lesley University‘s West Coat Swing dancing club.  Participants of Swingin’ Lynx work with professional instructors as well as with each other in order to strengthen their dancing skills.

Nearly every Wednesday night, you can find the Swingin’ Lynx at FiRE + iCE in Harvard Square at their weekly West Coast Swing night.  Students, Lesley faculty, and newcomers gather together with the Cambridge community to practice (or show off) their moves.

West Coast Swing, formerly known as Western Swing, came about in the 1930s.  Its roots lie in the Lindy Hop and the Jitterbug dances.  Although West Coast Swing is not exactly a modern dance, it can be done to modern music.

The free and simple form of West Coast Swing allows for lots of improvisation.  This opportunity for creative expression is one of the reasons why Lesley students love swing dance.

One of the key players of Swingin’ Lynx is Professor Neal Klein, who teaches psychology at Lesley by day and West Coast Swing by night.  He has been dancing since 1979 and has taught over 25,000 students to dance.  His love for the art of dancing is what keeps a lot of the Swingin’ Lynx on their feet.

Those who are interested in joining Swingin’ Lynx should try out a West Coast Swing night at FiRE + iCE.  Click here to learn more about clubs at Lesley.