Lesley Dance Team

Lesley University Dance Team

Dance Team is the largest club at Lesley University, with over 60 members.  Contrary to what its name might have you think, the team is not competitive at all in nature.  Instead, it emphasizes community, team-building, self expression, and friendship.

Lesley’s Dance Team defines its mission as “to provide a safe space for undergraduate Lesley University students through the expressive art form of dance.”  Its core values are performance, creativity, collaboration, and community.

Dance Team

A Dance Team performance. Photo courtesy of LU Dance Team.

Dance Team has a performance for a consistently packed audience at the end of every semester.  Students of all class standings and programs come to support their friends on the team over the course of three different showtimes.  As its leaders like to say, everybody knows somebody on the Dance Team.

The only other time the club performs is at the Performing Arts Expo, which takes place every year during Family Weekend so that parents and siblings can come witness the camaraderie and power of the Dance Team.

Performances feature a wide variety of acts that range from solos to large groups, from hip hop to ballet, and from modern to tap.  Aside from one or two dances put together by outside choreographers, most dances are choreographed by the students who make up the team.

Students can try out Dance Team during its trial weeks to see if they would like to join, but when it comes time to make the decision, it is rarely a difficult one.

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