LOLsley Improv

Lesley’s LOLsley Improv Troupe

Back in Spring of 2014, a group of Lesley University students got together with the intention of putting on a production of the play Vanya & Sonia & Masha & Spike.  These eager actors and directors held auditions, cast roles, and set a date for the performance, only to be informed on tragically short notice that they would not be given the rights to use the script.

From here, efforts were made to write their own play.  Drafts were written, plots were talked out all night, and nothing was produced that the group felt compelled to perform.  The performance date was coming up fast, and the students had to make a decision.  What can we throw together in just a matter of weeks?

The answer: an improv show.

LOLsley Improv

Some of the founding members of LOLsley Improv. Photo courtesy of LOLsley Improv.

After pooling their collective knowledge of improv games and Whose Line is it Anyway, the resilient theater-loving students made T-shirts, practiced thinking on their feet, and even made up a bizarre interpretive dance to an Enya song.

They spread the word about their event until the performance date and time.  When the curtain rose, to everybody’s great surprise, it was a total hit.  Here, from this series of obstacles, twists, and turns, LOLsley Improv was born, going on to win Student Organization of the Year for 2014-2015.

LOLsley has since held a number of shows, and continues to every couple of months.  With creative titles like Alone-sley for Valentine’s Day and Silence of the LOLs for Halloween, LOLsley always manages to bring in their loyal longtime fans as well as curious newcomers to watch.

LOLsley holds auditions every semester, and periodically hosts open rehearsals and workshops for those who might be interested in joining.

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