Lesley College of Art and Design

Lesley College of Art and Design

Lesley College of Art and Design (or LUCAD) was founded in 1912 as the School of Practical Arts.  In 1967, it became the Art Institute of Boston and added more programs.  AIB merged with Lesley College to form Lesley University in 1998, but it was not until 2013 that the school officially changed its name.

Lesley University College of Art and Design

The Lunder Arts Center and the Moriarty Library. Photo courtesy of Lesley University.

Today, LUCAD has undergraduate programs in animation, design, digital filmmaking, fine arts, illustration, photography, interdisciplinary studies, and art history.  LUCAD also offers low-residency MFA programs for visual arts and photography.

In January 2015, the Lunder Arts Center opened on Lesley University’s Porter Campus, just down the street from Porter Square.  In addition to Lunder, Lesley has also renovated the former North Prospect Church, which the school purchased in 2006, into the Moriarty Library.

The opening of these new state of the art buildings allows for the growth that the Lesley College of Art and Design is experiencing.  Photo labs, design studios, animation studios, and exhibition space allow for the art students to explore their mediums in an open and supportive environment.

LUCAD students reap the same benefits as CLAS students in that they have access to study abroad programs, internships, and the dual degree program.  In keeping with the Lesley way of learning, LUCAD places emphasis on experiential learning and broadened perspectives.

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