Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

Lesley Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences

The Graduate School of Arts and Social Sciences, or GSASS, offers programs in Counseling and Psychology, Creative Writing, the Expressive Therapies, International Higher Education and Intercultural Studies, Mindfulness Studies, and Global Interdisciplinary Studies.

Counseling and Psychology

Lesley’s website says that the counseling and psychology programs are “grounded in psychology-based theoretical study, an emphasis on field experience, and the development of each student as a reflective practitioner.”

These programs bring together the most current theories, current events, cultural perspectives, and research methods.  Fieldwork and internships place Lesley graduate students in experiential positions to enhance their resumes and give them practice.

Lesley GSASS

Lesley graduate students. Photo courtesy of Lesley University.

Creative Writing

Lesley’s 2- year MFA program in Creative Writing offers a choice of five concentrations: Fiction, Nonfiction, Poetry, Writing for Stage and Screen, and Writing for Young People.

The program involves a nine-day residency that occurs twice a year, where students engage in seminars, workshops, readings, receptions, meals, and events related to publishing.  Students work with a faculty mentor for individualized attention on their work.

Expressive Therapies

Lesley’s expressive therapy program is unique because of its multi-modality approach, which involves healing through many artistic mediums.  Visual arts, dance, drama, poetry, literature, and music are all part of the core curriculum.

Lesley’s program was one of the first of its kind, founded in 1973.  Designed to meet mental health licensure requirements in Massachusetts, Lesley students have no problem finding their way into the field.

International Higher Education and Intercultural Studies

The components of the program are “core courses in global perspectives and intercultural relations theory and research, elective courses in specialized topics ranging from immigration law and international student advising to conflict transformation and advocacy, and an internship in a focused area of study.”

A required internship in either the U.S. or overseas is the culmination of the skills and knowledge acquired by students in the program.

Mindfulness Studies

Lesley GSASS

A Mindfulness Studies student. Photo courtesy of Lesley University.

The Master of Arts in Mindfulness Program at Lesley University is the first of its kind in the country.  The skills and knowledge acquired in the program can be applied to a variety of fields, including but not limited to healthcare, education, business, and leadership.

The program involves an eight-day residency twice a year for two years involving classes, faculty meetings, research, and networking.  In between these residencies, students will learn online.

Global Interdisciplinary Studies

Leadership, education, health, and social and human services are at the forefront of Lesley’s Global Interdisciplinary Studies program.  Students in the program are engaged and culturally aware.

Contrary to what one may think, it is not a study abroad program.  The low-residency program easily meets “the needs of learning cohorts and their communities all over the globe.”