Longy School of Music

Longy School of Music

Longy School of Music. Photo by Daderot

About Longy School of Music

Located in vibrant Harvard Square, Longy School of Music is one of four independent degree-granting conservatories in the Boston area.

Longy School of Music

Photo courtesy of the Longy School

The Longy School of Music was founded in 1915 by George Longy, the principal oboist of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, who wanted to create a school that would teach theory as its basis in the Paris Conservatoire Model.

The Longy School of Music established a tradition of focus on theory and composition which continues to characterize the school today.

The school has close relationships with Harvard University from its early days, as many of Harvard’s talented music students studied with Longy’s faculty.

As well as a music conservatory, the Longy School of Music also serves as a community music school. It offers preparatory programs for children and high-school age musicians, and classes for non-professional adult musicians.

Campus Setting

Longy School of Music is located adjacent to Harvard University. Although the campus is small, its primary feature is the Pickman Concert Hall. Opening its doors in 1970, the 300-seat auditorium is considered to be one of the finest small concert halls in New England. The venue holds over 250 performances each season from Longy School of Music students, faculty and guest performers.
Longy School of Music

Area of Study

The Longy School of Music conservatory offers two four-year undergraduate programs and three two-year graduate-level programs.  Students can earn an undergraduate diploma in music or a Bachelor of Music degree. Masters programs include the following:

  • Masters of Music
  • Graduate Performance Degree
  • Artist Diploma

Student Body

Longy School of Music has about 230 students enrolled from 37 U.S. states and 21 foreign countries. The School attracts a great number of international students, with about 34 percent of Longy’s students from countries outside the United States.

Fun facts

  • Longy School of Music primarily enrolls graduate students, but undergraduates enroll as well
  • Longy School of Music recently announced its merger with Bard College in upstate New York