Cambridge College

Cambridge College

In four years, this could be you. Photo courtesy of Cambridge College

About Cambridge College

Founded in 1971, Cambridge College is a private, non-profit college with higher education programs geared toward adult learners.

This college values collaboration and diversity as significant learning tools for working individuals to achieve their professional goals.

Cambridge College

Photo by Anamaria Smith

Cambridge College seeks to provide an excellent academic environment which is time efficient and cost effective.

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Campus Setting

The main campus is located half way between Central Square and Harvard Square in Cambridge, MA at 1000 Massachusetts Avenue. There are regional centers across the United States, including locations in Massachusetts, Tennessee, Virginia, California, and Puerto Rico.

Areas of Study

Cambridge College

Cambridge College offers the following degree types:

  • undergraduate certificates
  • bachelor’s degrees
  • master’s degrees
  • Certificate of Advanced Graduate Studies
  • Doctorate in Education

Areas of study at Cambridge College include:

  • School of Undergraduate Studies
  • School of Education
  • School of Management
  • School of Psychology and Counseling

Main areas of study include Management, Multidisciplinary Studies, Human Services, Psychology, Education, and specializations within those fields.

As one of many colleges in Cambridge, Cambridge College sets itself apart by offering flexible courses that are scheduled to accommodate modern schedules. Graduate level courses take place primarily during evenings and weekends, while undergraduate programs offer daytime course options.

Student Body

Cambridge College recorded an enrollment of over 7,500 students in 2011, 59 percent of which were part time students.

Fun facts

  • The average class size is only nine students
  • Average age of students is 38

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