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This book has all the tips you need to become a straight-A student in no time.

Choosing to pursue higher education is a choice that only the top students make. Currently, only 30 percent of all Americans hold a Bachelor’s Degree.

Cambridge, with its variety of beautiful and top tier academic institutions, is an excellent choice to plan your next four years. Whether you are a graduate or an undergraduate, you will find that Cambridge has much to offer.

College in Cambridge isn’t just world renowned Harvard University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, however.  Colleges and universities in Cambridge also include fine liberal arts schools such as Lesley. There is also a variety of divinity, business, and culinary schools in our city.

Interested in taking the plunge? Scroll above and to the left. You’ll see links to all of these higher education institutions. Read more to discover if one of these institutions is your future. Not only is Cambridge a great city for schools, it is great for living in general.

Boston is just a stone’s throw (or T ride) away and you won’t be disappointed by the numerous offerings Boston and Cambridge have for nightlife, restaurants, real estate and much, much more!

Higher Education

This could be you in the pursuit of higher education. Photo Courtesy of Le Cordon Bleu

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