The Radcliffe Institute

schlesinger library radcliffe institute harvard

The Radcliffe Institute, outside of the Schlesinger Library. Photo by John Phelan

About the Radcliffe Institute

The Radcliffe Institute was originally a sector of Harvard that dedicated itself specifically towards giving a Harvard education to women. After Harvard starting enrolling women in 1943, Radcliffe was no longer a degree-earning establishment.

radcliffe institute yard harvard university

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Radcliffe Institute yard harvard university

While Radcliffe is no longer a college, it is still a place to harvest intellectual ideas and participate in independent academic disciplines.The Radcliffe Institute is located in Radcliffe Yard, about three blocks away from Harvard Square.

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Radcliffe Academics

The Radcliffe Institute consists of three separate establishments: The Fellowship Program, and Academic Ventures and the Schlesinger Library.

The Fellowship Program essentially fosters independent studies, ranging from students constructing 40 sonnets, to exploring the politics of the food industry in India.

Academic Ventures provides Harvard and the surrounding community with scholarly workshops and conferences. Find out more about the Schlesinger Library below!

The Schlesinger Library

The Schlesinger Library devotes itself to American women’s history.

Some incredible features of this archival establishment include audiotapes and television scripts from Julia Child, scrapbooks from Amelia Earheart, and sermons and speeches from Pauli Murray, an often overlooked but crucial member of the civil rights movement.

The library also includes an extensive historical collection of women-centered magazines such as Nylon, Bust, and Vogue, as well as work by female comic artists such as Lynda Barry and Trina Robbins. This historical establishment is a must-see for anyone ever visiting Harvard.

The library is open to the  public for both viewing and research purposes. Click here to learn more about Cambridge museums. 

Fun Facts

  • Writer and Activist Hellen Keller graduated from the Radcliffe Institute when it was still a college.

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