Harvard School of Public Health

harvard school of public health

A park in the Harvard School of Public Health. Photo by Melissa Lozada-Oliva

About the Harvard School of Public Health

Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) was originally the brainchild of Harvard and Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

With help from the Rockefeller foundation, Harvard was able to separate itself from MIT and become its own independent institution of higher education in 1946. Since their opening 60 years ago, Harvard Public Health has largely contributed to breakthroughs in health and science.

Academics and Student Life

harvard school of public health

Outside of the Harvard School of Public Health. Photo by Melissa Lozada-Oliva

HSPH is made up of a various departments. Students attending HSPH often stem from various elite schools.

Students at HSPH can focus on bio statistics, environmental health, epidemiology, genetics and complex diseases, and immunology and infectious diseases, to name a few subjects.

HSPH, like other Harvard Institutions, has many important cultural organizations, such as the HSPH Students in Latino Public Health and the HSPH Student Club of Japan. These organizations both focus on health concerns within their community.

In addition to cultural organizations, HSPH also has organizations such as the Student Arts Society, dedicated to promoting art appreciation with the HSPH community, as well as the Student Tango Club, dedicated to promoting the tango to students, faculty, and HSPH employees.


HSPH is located in the hospital district of Boston, merely a bridge away from lovely Cambridge. At any time of day, you’ll see crowds of men and women in blue scrubs crossing Longwood Ave.

HSPH also features a beautiful park and courtyard open to the public and close to local restaurants and popular food trucks.

Each summer, the courtyard hosts free concerts in the summer featuring local students from Berklee College of Music.

Fun Facts:

  • HSPH invented the Iron Lung, aiding many people suffering from polio.
  • HSPH is responsible for much of the research surrounding the AIDS virus.
  • HSPH published a famous study proving that  second-hand smoke is just as damaging to the lungs as smoking.

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