Harvard Law School

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Outside of a Harvard Law School Building. Photo by Thomas Crenshaw

About Harvard Law School

First established by an estate left by businessman Isaac Royal, Harvard Law School (HLS) is the oldest law school in the nation. Stay close to Harvard! Click here.

HLS Academics

At Harvard Law School, you can earn one of several master degrees.

There’s a one year program to earn a Master of Laws, the Juris Doctorate program, and the Doctor of Juridical Science program. In addition to these traditional degree-earning programs, HLS also offers joint-degree programs.

Before graduating or taking the Bar exam, all students must complete 40 hours of legal pro bono work. The objective of this is to mold their students into becoming lawyers who contribute to the greater good of society.

Students have many options for their pro bono work, including setting up their own pro bono project.

Inside the Harvard Law School Library. Photo: Samirluther

Inside the Harvard Law School Library. Photo by Samir Luther

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Discobolus statue outside of Harvard Law

Student activities

Like other Harvard establishments, HLS has their students put education into action with Student Practice Organizations.

Such students practice organizations are the Harvard Immigration Project, which teaches students all about immigration law.

There’s also the Recording Artists Project, where students are mainly concerned with helping under served musicians in the Boston area with concerns of protecting their work and signing with a label.

HLS also features well-known speakers and workshops, such as Labor in the Political Economy of Modern Capitalism, on a semester-wide basis.

Fun facts

  • Harvard Law is the central backdrop of the popular film Legally Blonde, starring Reese Witherspoon.
  • Some notable alum include President Barrack Obama and 2012 Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.
  • Elizabeth Warren, senior United States Senator from Massachusetts, was once a professor at Harvard, specializing in bankruptcy.
  • The Harvard Law Library features a copy of a Magna Carta document from the year 1215.