Harvard Graduate School of Design

Gund Hall Harvard Graduate School of Design Harvard Graduate School of Design

Outside of Gund Hall. Photo by Peter Alfred Hess

About Harvard Graduate School of Design

The Harvard Graduate School of Design (HGSD) was established in 1936. It is primarily located in the Gund Building, made known for its characteristic windows and pillars. See it above!

harvard graduate school of design

HGSD Graduation. Photo by Tibici

John Andrews, a GSD alumnae, designed the unique and eye-catching building. The GSD is located between Kirkland and Cambridge St, and opposite administrative offices at 7 Sumner Road.

In addition to Gund Hall, the GSD  is also comprised of the Loeb Library. This library dedicates itself towards providing students of the HGSD with resources and access to an extensive collection of architectural documents.

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Areas of study

Harvard Graduate School of Design offers degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban Planning and Design.

Courses at the HGSD range from independent studies, lectures, open studios, research seminars, and hands-on workshops.

An integral part of the HGSD is the GSD Fabrication Lab, where students have access to state of the art machines, such as eight individual laser systems that allow them to physically manifest their visions.

The GSD also includes a metal and wood shop that requires students to pass a test in order to participate in.

harvard graduate school of design

Inside the GSD. Photo courtesy of Peter Alfred Hess.

Campus Events

The HGSD is constantly holding exhibits from famous architects and designers around the world, as well as featuring the work of some of their students.

Some notable exhibits include The Divine Comedy,  an exhibit exploring the connections between science and philosophy using separate installations, and River City,  an urban planning-centered exhibit and case study exploring rivers in Seoul.

Fun fact

In recent years, HGSD has been especially innovative in improving the architecture for the betterment of the ecosystem. For example, Gund Hall was the first Harvard campus to start actively composting. Additionally, 65% of the waste generated from the GSD Fabrication lab is recycled.

Direction & Maps

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