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About Harvard Business School

Harvard Business School (HBS) has come a long way since it first opened in 1908. At that time, it had a class of only 33 students and classes sporadically placed around the Harvard campus.

At the time, Dean Wallace B. Donham decided to start a campaign to expand the business school. He rallied much of the faculty and students together to create what would then be one of Harvard’s most notable institutions. The campaign was successful, and in 1924 the school was born!

Women at the Harvard Business School

meg whitman harvard business school

Meg Whitman, well-known business executive, class of ’79.

Up until 1963, the campus was men’s only, but September 1963 saw the first eight women enroll in HBS. Since then it has since then produced such notable businesswomen as Meg Whitman, the president and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard.

The enrollment rate of women has recently expanded to an average rate of 40% a year.

The campus setting

The HBS is located in Boston’s Allston neighborhood, often referred to by students as “across the river.”

 Made up of 27 buildings, the Harvard Business School comprises a large part of Harvard’s overall campus.

Facing Soldier’s Field Road and the Charles River, HBS is located between Western Ave and North Harvard St. Each building is dedicated to enhancing a Harvard student’s business education.

For example, to keep the students inspired in their creative business endeavors HBS scattered a collection of contemporary paintings known as the Shwartz Arts Collection across the large campus.

Harvard Business School

Photo by Shih-Pei Chang

Areas of study

Harvard Business School has produced 78,000 alumni in 167 countries.

In addition to its undergraduate and MBA programs, Harvard Business School also offers 8 doctoral programs which lead to a PHD or DBA. The 8 doctoral programs include Accounting and Management, Marketing, Business Economics, Health Policy, Management, Technology and Operations Management, Strategy, and Organizational Behavior.

Some fields Harvard Business School graduates explore after graduation are entertainment/media, technology, non-profit/government, consumer products.

Campus Activities

There is a large and diverse variety of campus activities at HBS.

harvard business school cambridge

An archway at the Harvard Business School

Some organizations, such as the Latino Student Organization (LSO), host nationally recognized conferences such as the Latino conference, which brings Latinos from all sectors of the business world together to discuss the importance of leadership in the Latino community.

Other clubs and activities range from the Aerospace and Aviation club, to the South Asian Business Association, to the Wine and Cuisine Society.

Fun Facts:

  • One way in which two Harvard graduates worked towards sustainability was by inventing a soccer ball that harnessed energy when played with.
  • President George Herbert Walker Bush and President George Walker Bush attended Harvard Business School.

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