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Harvard Continuing Education

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About Continuing Education

Harvard Continuing Education

The famous John Lowell Jr.

The Harvard Division for Continuing Education was first made possible by a wealthy Boston businessman named John Lowell Jr.

In his will, Lowell wished for half of his fortune to be left to “the maintenance and support of Public Lectures to be delivered in said Boston upon philosophy, natural history, and the arts and sciences… for the promotion of the moral and intellectual and physical instruction or education of the citizens of the said city of Boston.”

This fortune founded the Lowell Institute, which eventually expanded into the Harvard Division of Continuing Education. Since then, his dying wish has expanded to Harvard Summer School, Harvard School of Profession Development, and the Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement.

Harvard Extension School

Located in the heart of Harvard Square, the Harvard Extension School makes education more accessible to the community with an unconventional classroom setting.

Harvard Extension School offers more than 600 online and on-campus course to a diverse student body comprising of teenagers, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else you could think of.

Harvard Continuing Education

The Harvard Extension School

While the school offers Bachelor’s and Master’s degree, you do not have to be in a degree-earning program to enroll.

Some people, in pursuit of more education, simply enroll in a creative writing class or a class about ecology.

Harvard Extension School offers students courses in subjects such as arts, humanities, museum studies; business studies & management; computer science, engineering &math; languages; literature speech & writing; science and environmental studies; social sciences; study skills and education.

Harvard Continuing Education

The Harvard Summer School! Photo by Rick

Harvard Summer School

The Harvard Summer School offers a Harvard Education during the New England summer months. It reaches out to college, high school and adult learners with more than 300 off and online courses.

High school students can attend Harvard Summer School starting with their sophomore year in high school. In addition to taking courses at Harvard, they can also board in Harvard dorms.

Most courses take place in an around the Harvard Yard. College students at other institutes of higher education may take classes at Harvard for credit without any application required.

Many college students participate in study abroad program offered by the institution. Some countries offered in the study abroad program include South Korea, Spain, Greece, and Japan.

Professional Development

With courses located within Harvard Square and the Harvard club of Boston, The Harvard School of Professional Development holds seminars and meetings dedicated to professional development.

Some courses offered by this school touch upon subjects such as negotiation, finance and accounting, marketing, communication, strategy, and leadership and management. Each course is taught in an intensive two-day program.

Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement

Harvard Continuing Education

Photo courtesy of Harvard University

The Harvard Institute for Learning in Retirement (HILR) is a non-degree earning institution which dedicates itself to providing a fountain of learning to retired professionals.

Its members range in age from 55 to 95. In this untraditional environment, members actively teach for and learn from their peers.

Some typical courses within the HILR touch upon such subjects as Quantum Theory, the Rise and Fall of Caesar, religion, and memoir writing. In addition to actively participating in their learning environments, members also participate in extra-curricular activities such as music clubs and book clubs and weekend outings.

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