The Harvard Krokodiloes

The Harvard Krokodiloes, or the Kroks for short, are the oldest a cappella singing group at Harvard University. Since their founding in 1946 at the Hasty Pudding Club in Cambridge, the Kroks have gone on to perform all over the world.

The Repertoire of the Krokodiloes

Harvard Krokodiloes

The newest member of the Harvard Krokodiloes! Photo courtesy of Hamed Saber.

While traditionally selecting tunes from the Great American Songbook, the Krokodiloes also like to experiment with other choices as well. Past performances have included “Respect,” by Aretha Franklin, “Fever,” by Eddie Cooley and Otis Blackwell, and the Disney favorite, “Cruella de Vil,” which you can watch above!

Fun fact: “Krokodilo” derives from the Greek word for “crocodile.” That could account for the Krokodiloes biting wit and snappy performances!



Travel the World with the Krokodiloes

harvard krokodiloes

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While based in Cambridge at Harvard University, the Kroks are hardly tied to one place. Every year, the group performs over 200 concerts. About half of those concerts are performed in the United States during the academic school year. The other half are performed during the Krokodiloes’ annual summer tour, which spans 10 weeks and six continents. The Kroks have performed in some of the most esteemed concert halls in the world, including the Lincoln Center and the Sydney Opera House.

Audition for the Krokodiloes

Auditions are held every year and competition is steep. Auditions are typically held just before the start of each academic year, although that is subject to change should the group need an extra voice. See below for contact information if you would like to request further details.

Contact the Krokodiloes

For interest in auditions, email

For general inquiries, email, call their voicemail at (617) 495-5160, or write to their mailing address:

The Harvard Krokodiloes
Farkas Hall
12 Holyoke Street
Cambridge, MA 02138