Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe

Ever look up at the night sky and wish that you knew more about the stars? Student Astronomers at Harvard-Radcliffe, or STAHR, is a student-run organization at Harvard College that is eager to teach Harvard astronomy enthusiasts more about the features of the night sky.

STAHR uses the Loomis-Michael Observatory, located on top of the Harvard Science Center, to conduct its meetings. To gain access to the observatory, students must take an introductory telescope class, free of charge. This one-time, two-hour session covers how to use the observatory’s telescopes properly, as well as how to locate all sorts of astronomical gems.

Once you gain access to the observatory, you are free to use it anytime, provided that you give the weather a quick check first. Best to use the telescopes when the air is dry and the sky is clear.

Student Astronomers – Take Classes With STAHR

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In addition to telescope classes, STAHR also sponsors monthly seminars with astrophysics professors at Harvard. If you sign up for STAHR’s email list, you can receive invitations to these talks with information about the speaker and the topic being discussed.

Other opportunities include advanced observation, which allows for you to observe the night sky with a club officer present and able to guide your search. There have also been classes on astrophotography, which involves taking pictures of stars and planets with the help of the observatory’s main telescope. Just bring your own camera and a steady hand.

Subscribe to STAHR’s Email List

Subscribers to the aptly named “STARH-treks” email list will receive notifications regarding club night trips, which abandon the city and its light pollution in favor of more remote, “dark-sky” locations. All the better for student astronomers hoping to star gaze. These trips occur multiple times every semester, so subscribe now to come along!

Contact STAHR

If you are interested in joining a mailing list, taking a telescope class, or getting involved with STAHR in another way, email for more information.