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Simplicissimus, Harvard University’s Germanic journal. Photo courtesy of Simiplicissimus.

Simplicissimus is a journal dedicated to Germanic languages and scholarship. Founded in 2013 at Harvard College, the journal is produced by students and accepts poetry, prose, essays, and art that all pertain to the Germanic world.

What to Expect in Simplicissimus

Whether it’s a poem or an essay, nearly every piece of writing is written both in its original Germanic language – German, Dutch, or Scandinavian, primarily – and translated into English as well, to maximize the accessibility for readers. It’s fun to look back and forth between versions and try to pinpoint familiar words.

simplicissimus, germanic journal, harvard

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Simplicissimus was founded due to a desire to promote more of the Germanic arts at Harvard. Prior to the founding of this esteemed journal, Harvard did not have a publication dedicated solely to celebrating Germanic work.

Submit to Simplicissimus

If you want to submit to Simplicissimus, that’s great! All submissions are reviewed anonymously, so every student’s work is given a fair chance for acceptance. While dusting off your best Germanic pieces, here are a few submission rules to keep in mind:

  1. Submissions may be written in English or any Germanic language.
  2. Submissions must be about a Germanic topic.
  3. Submissions must be written and submitted by an undergraduate Harvard College student, or an undergraduate you participated in a program connected with Harvard.
  4. Graduates may submit work as well, as long as they wrote their piece while they were undergraduates, and the submission was written less than two years ago.

Past submissions have included original Norwegian poetry, Dutch science fiction, and an essay on the Germanic influence on Japanese pop culture.

If you’re an undergraduate student, but unaffiliated with Harvard, do not lose hope! Simplicissimus often hosts submission contests that are open to undergraduates from any school.

Simplicissimus, germanic journal, harvard

Submit to Simplicissimus today! Photo courtesy of Simplicissimus.

Apply for a Position

If you are a Harvard undergraduate student, consider applying for a board position at Simplicissimus. Strong applicants have a proficiency in a Germanic language other than English, but it is not a requirement for applying.


Simplicissimus is a biannual publication and you can purchase either a one-issue or two-issue subscription. Once you subscribe, the staff will ship copies anywhere within the United States or Europe.

Contact Simplicissimus

To submit work, apply for a staff position, or subscribe, contact Simplicissimus at