Harvard University Band

Harvard University Band

The Harvard University Band. Photo courtesy of Richard Howe.

The Harvard University Band is Back!

The Harvard University Band is one of the most highly renowned student musical groups in the country. Founded in 1919, the band plays a series of marches as well as fun rock n’roll and pop hits to get the crowd excited. Come football season, you can see the Harvard University Band playing its heart out at every football game, home or away. The band also plays at hockey games, basketball games, and a number of other Harvard and community events.

A Marching Band?

In addition to playing marching band music for the crowd, the band brings wit and creativity to their performances by using a scramble style of marching, which isn’t so much marching as it is creating human illustrations. In 1946, the Harvard University Band spelled “Keep ‘em Flying” in honor of the U.S. Navy, as well as forming the image of an airplane with a twirling baton as the nose propeller. Try doing that while playing a euphonium!

Harvard University Band – A Student-Run Organization

Harvard University Band

Bertha the Drum is the Largest Member of the Harvard University Band. Photo courtesy of Benfeing.

If you can believe it, the Harvard University Band is entirely student-run. After playing in the band for one semester, students are eligible to apply for a position on the staff, with positions ranging from student conductor to a drum major to the Schneider – a position in charge of keeping things fun!

Student band members are responsible for everything, from the creation of the halftime show to producing musical arrangements to conducting different sections of the band itself.

There are even opportunities for students who can’t play a note. The Props Crew is ideal for the non-musical, responsible for building, maintaining, and guarding the props used in every halftime show, including a six-foot bass drum lovingly named Bertha.

The Harvard University Band in the Community

If you aren’t a sports fan, there are a number of opportunities to catch the Harvard University Band outside of a stadium. Every year, the band plays marching band music and other hits at the head of the Duckling Day Parade through the Boston Public Garden, as well as for the Boston Multiple Sclerosis Walk. During the winter holiday season, the band goes caroling in the city of Boston, as well as at the Shriners Children’s Hospital.

74 Mt. Auburn Street, Cambridge, MA 617-496-BAND

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