Harvard Mountaineering Club

harvard mountaineering club

Join the Harvard Mountaineering Club today! Photo courtesy of Harald Hofer.

Ever wanted to climb a mountain? Harvard University is host to the Harvard Mountaineering Club (HMC), a student-run organization that organizes climbs all over the country.

Whether you’ve been climbing since you could crawl or just dying to try, HMC wants you to check them out.

To Become a Member of the Harvard Mountaineering Club

harvard mountaineering club

The Harvard Mountaineering Club can teach you all about safe climbing. Photo courtesy of aatlas.

If you want to reach the peaks, it’s easy – become a member! The Harvard Mountaineering Club holds weekly meetings in Claverly Hall at Harvard University. Climbers of all experience levels are welcome to attend meetings, and it’s highly recommended that while you’re there, you start a membership.

Membership perks include gear loaning for climbing trips, a subscription to the Harvard Mountaineering Club’s biannual publication, and access to the extensive mountaineering library at Harvard University, among other things. Cost for a membership is $20.00 per year, and incoming members need to fill out a medical form and waiver.

If you remain with the Harvard Mountaineering Club and show a certain level of commitment, you will most likely be offered an Active Membership, which introduces eligibility to receive subsidies and grants for weekend and extended expeditions. Becoming an active member is great way to see the same alpine sights without a high price tag.

A Brief History of the Harvard Mountaineering Club

HMC was founded in 1924. Back then, the group explored much of the Canadian Rockies in the summer months. It also began publishing its biannual journal, summarizing the group’s travels. Historical climbs include leading the US Army’s 10th Mountain Division in the 1940s, exploring in the Himalayan Range in the ‘50s, and ascending peaks in Alaska in the ‘60s. Today, the group is run by undergraduates but includes everyone from students to faculty to alum.

Past Expeditions with the Harvard Mountaineering Club

The Harvard Mountaineering Club knows where to find the best climbs. Some of their most notable expeditions are listed below.

In 2005, HMC ran a climbing camp for ten days in Northern California. The group scaled Mount Shasta and rambled around in Yosemite Valley and the Palisades.

In 2009, HMC traveled to Wyoming to alpine climb in the Wind River Range.

In summer of 2010, after a failed expedition to summit Mount Rainier in Washington, HMC traveled back east to New Hampshire to climb Mount Adams instead.

In 2011, the group traveled across the Canadian border to climb the glacial Selkirk Mountains of British Columbia.

Summer of 2012 marked a big project. Two trips were funded. One team went to Wyoming to explore the Wind River Mountain Range. The other team traveled to Alaska where they climbed Mount McKinley, or Denali as it has come to be called. This was one of the club’s biggest ascents. (For more on the first ascent of Mount McKinley, click here.)

mount mckinley, harvard mountaineering club

Mount McKinley was summited by HMC, most recently in 2012. Photo courtesy of Frank K.

Contact the Harvard Mountaineering Club

Meetings are held every Thursday night in Claverly Hall. See the map below for location.
If you can’t make a meeting, write to HMC at:

Harvard Mountaineering Club
Student Organizations Center at Hilles
59 Shepard Street #73
Cambridge, MA 02138

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