Harvard Model United Nations

harvard model united nations

Model United Nations. Photo courtesy of PSS 2011.

Harvard Model United Nations, or Harvard Model UN, is a student-run program which appeals to debate enthusiasts, history buffs, and anyone interested in international affairs.

A subordinate program of Harvard’s International Relations Council, which is one of the oldest student groups at Harvard University, Model UN asks students to simulate the meeting of UN assemblies, or alternate assemblies, to discuss their opinions and address the course of a specific historical event (think the Berlin Conference of 1884) or a modern-day issue (like the very recent ASEAN summit).

For one weekend, student teams meet and discuss the issues concerning their chosen event, and they write a series of documents addressing these issues and what their importance is.

Harvard’s International Relations Council has three Model UN programs, each with their own different approach for starting a conversation about international issues.

model united nations

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Harvard Intercollegiate Model United Nations (ICMUN)

This Model UN program was founded in 1987. A competitive student debate team, ICMUN has found great success at intercollegiate simulated councils, bringing home hundreds of awards since its founding.

ICMUN travels all over the country and the world to participate in simulated UN conferences.

Harvard Model United Nations (HMUN)

An annual conference held in Boston that is tailored for high school students, HMUN is organized by Harvard students as a way to extend a hand to a younger generation. High school students get to pretend that they are UN representatives or other world leaders. They participate in debates and draft resolutions to problems that face UN representatives today.

HMUN’s first Model League of Nations took place in 1927, and its first Model UN conference took place in 1953, marking it as an established group at Harvard.

Sister projects for HMUN include HMUN China, which holds annual conferences in downtown Beijing, and HMUN India.

Harvard National Model United Nations (HNMUN)

Harvard National Model United Nations

Harvard National Model United Nations. Logo courtesy of Rebz1.

Not to be confused with HMUN, the Harvard National Model United Nations is the oldest and largest conference of its kind to be found in the world. Thousands of students and educators come from all over the world to simulate UN activity.

HNMUN was founded in 1955, just ten years after the United Nations itself was formed. The conference is run entirely by Harvard College undergraduates, and serves as a way for college students to experience what it takes to be an international negotiator.

Interested in Being a Part of Harvard’s Model UN?

Email HMUN at info@harvardmun.org or write to their mailing address:

Harvard Model United Nations
59 Shepard St. Box 205
Cambridge, MA 02138