Harvard Hillel

harvard hillel

Dreidels come out for the Jewish holiday of Hanukkah, celebrated by Harvard Hillel. Photo courtesy of Adiel lo.

Harvard Hillel provides a way for Jewish students and staff to feel like part of a larger community. Harvard Hillel accommodates a wide variety of Jews by providing a multitude of programs and opportunities. These programs encourage students to discuss, inquire, and learn about Jewish identity and culture.

Kosher Dining with Harvard Hillel

Students who keep kosher will be happy to know that Harvard Hillel has an entire dining hall that can accommodates.

Dinner is served Sunday through Thursday. Shabbat Dinner is served on Friday and Lunch on Saturday. On some Jewish holidays, including Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, and Passover, the Harvard Hillel dining hall will open for lunch as well.

harvard hillel

Light the Shabbat Candles with Harvard Hillel. Photo courtesy of slgckgc.

Best of all, keeping kosher incurs no extra cost. Eating in the kosher dining hall at Harvard University is completely covered by student meal plans. In addition, any Harvard undergraduate, regardless of religious or culinary preference, can eat here.

The kosher dining hall is open to non-Harvard students and members of the community as well. It’s only asked that they pay for their meal, in lieu of a meal plan.

Editor’s Note: The kosher dining hall at Harvard University is named after Rabbi Ben-Zion Gold, a celebrated memoirist. Click here to learn more about his work.

Come Learn with Harvard Hillel

Thanks to a staff of rabbis and professionals, Harvard Hillel provides unique learning opportunities that cater to the interests and questions of Harvard students, both Jewish and non-Jewish.

Eat. Talk. Learn! is a series of discussions that Harvard faculty members are often asked to participate in. They speak about their experiences with Jewish traditions, as well as open up the floor for questions about Jewish identity, culture, and current events.

Affiliated Student Groups with Harvard Hillel

There are a number of clubs for Harvard students interested in fostering a Jewish community. Here are some top choices:

BAGELS:  A Jewish LGBTQ advocacy group on campus, BAGELS is interested in increasing awareness of religion’s relationship with sexuality.

harvard hillel, bagels

Supporting Jewish LGBTQ rights. Photo courtesy of Quinn Dombrowski.

Progressive Jewish Alliance: This group is devoted to advocating for progressive Israeli causes. It focuses on creating a Jewish community that revolves around inclusion and social justice.

RecKlez: RecKlez is Klezmer band, most often playing songs that draw from traditional Jewish folk and dance music. They often incorporate Yiddish vocals.

Contact Harvard Hillel

To contact Harvard Hillel, call (617) 495-4695, or write to their address:

52 Mount Auburn Street
Cambridge, MA 02138

See location on the map below.

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