Harvard Chess Club

harvard chess club

Harvard Chess Club. Photo courtesy of Frank Black Noir.

History of the Harvard Chess Club

The Harvard Chess Club was founded in 1874 and is believed to be the oldest chess club in the Boston area.

Members meet every week, to play, teach, and study the game of chess. Periodically, the club sets up chess tournaments on the Harvard campus. There are also official Harvard chess teams, who are sent out to compete in intercollegiate matches.

All that aside, you don’t have to be a wizard at chess to attend a meeting. While playing host to a number of experts, the Harvard Chess Club welcomes all players just looking to sharpen their skills.

Harvard Chess Club vs. The Yale Bulldogs

Have you heard of the Harvard-Yale football game? (If not, click here to read about this long-term rivalry.) If you don’t love football, fear not – there is also an annual Harvard-Yale chess match, promising just as stiff competition as any other match-up between these two schools.

Harvard Chess Club

Planning your next move – to join the Harvard Chess Club! Photo courtesy of Elvert Barnes.

Attend a Harvard Chess Club Meeting

Don’t go to Harvard? Don’t worry. Non-members and non-students are welcome to attend, as long as they contact the club beforehand. (For contact information, see bottom of the page.) Chess boards and clocks are made available for game play. If you are a beginner, club members can also provide instruction on how to make your first move.

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Awards and Accomplishments

The Harvard Chess Club is no slouch in show. Harvard has been named champion of the Pan-American Intercollegiate Championships in 1975, 1986, 1988, 1989, 1990, and 2013.

Contact the Harvard Chess Club

To contact the Harvard Chess Club, email Hcc_officers@hcs.harvard.edu.

The Harvard Chess Club meets in the Quincy House Dining Hall, located on Harvard University’s campus in Cambridge. See the map below for more details.

[pw_map address=”58 Plympton Street, Cambridge, MA”]