Harvard Graduate School of Design Campus

Harvard Graduate School of Design

Outside of Gund Hall at the Harvard Graduate School of Design. Photo by Peter Alfred Hess

About the Harvard Graduate School of Design

The Graduate School of Design (GSD) is primarily located in Gund Hall, seen above.

harvard graduate school of design

Courtyard inside of Harvard Graduate School of Design. Photo by Justin Pinkard

GSD can be found north of Harvard Yard and is close to several Harvard Square restaurants and museums. Gund Hall was made possible by the Gund family in 1972 and holds most of the Harvard Graduate School of Design’s facilities.

The building itself is a fascinating site, with its slanted cement roof, thin pillars, and glass windows in the shape of steps. The architecture of the building was designed by  John Andrews, a GSD alumnae.

Currently, the school offers graduate degrees in fields such as:

  • Architecture
  • Urban planning
  • Landscape architecture
  • Design studies

This is one of the world’s oldest (and most prestigious) landscape architecture programs in the world. It was founded in 1893. The history of landscape coursework at Harvard dates back to 1874.

The school has over 13,000 alumni across the globe and it prides itself on a network of intellectual artists, developers, and creators. The market value for the campus in 2013 was approximately $396 billion.

Watch a lecture by the Dean of GSD!

Direction & Maps

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