Harvard Business School Campus

harvard business school cambridge

Harvard Business School in winter

About Harvard Business School

Made up of 27 buildings, the Harvard Business School (HBS) comprises a large portion of Harvard’s overall campus.

Facing Soldier’s Field Road and the Charles River, the HBS is located between Western Ave and North Harvard St. Each building is dedicated to enhancing a Harvard’s student business education with its conscious design.

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harvard business school cambridge

An archway at the Harvard Business School


Each Harvard Business School Building holds a rich history.

Batten Hall, for example, was home to WGBH from 1963 to 2007. It was in this building that Julia Child, a television personality star, launched her career.

The HBS also features several notable buildings.

The MBA Class of 1959 Chapel, for example, is a particularly charming establishment. The Chapel is shaped is a green copper cylinder, with a glass pyramid directly attached to it. Once inside, you’ll see a lovely water garden.

A sun-clock tower stands directly in front of the Chapel, with the names of the members of the class of 1959 inscribed on the clock.

The Harvard Business School continuously expands their campus. The endowment that founded the establishment was given by the Chao family, with the intention of financially and academically assisting students from China or with family from China.

Like much of the Harvard campuses, Harvard Business School actively strives to reduce water and energy consumption.

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Map & Directions

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