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UniversalClass, Inc. wants to teach you about everything. From photography to finance, cooking to criminal law, UniversalClass is dedicated to providing affordable online courses for students of all kinds.


 What to Expect from UniversalClass

UniversalClass has a catalog of over 500 courses, available for any online student, ideally with a high school reading and writing level. Over 500,000 students worldwide have taken one of these courses to further their education..

UniversalClass utilizes a variety of instructional techniques. Namely, through the use of streaming educational videos, thorough content, access to online tutors, and the creation of a social networking experience, this website takes online learning to a new level – making it social but still individualized.

Watch this video about Cryptozoology, a course subject offered by UniversalClass!

UniversalClass Course Information

UniversalClass has easy-to-use online classrooms, making content readily accessible. In addition, because of its advanced technology, UniversalClass allows for students to receive continuous feedback from instructors, as well as track their progress in a given course.

Students who complete courses with UniversalClass may earn a CEU Certificate of Course Completion, with documentation of their final grade. While it is not guaranteed that these certifications may be used for college credit, some institutions will accept online coursework. Just check with your prospective school’s admissions office and advising center.

Online Course Quality

UniversalClass is accredited by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training, IACET, which demonstrates that they are considered a site of good educational practice.

Not only that, but instructors are reviewed and monitored to ensure excellent content is being provided.

Prices vary between classes. The typical range is $50.00 – $75.00 per class, with some courses falling above and below that average. Compared to a year’s tuition at a continued education institution, UniversalClass is vastly more affordable and guaranteed to jumpstart your learning process.