Create an Online Course

create and online class

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Online education is becoming a viable option for learning, whether it enhances traditional education or replaces it completely. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for more courses! Create an online course today! The internet is limitless – so add your knowledge to the mix.  Whatever it may be, whatever knowledge you have, share it!

Resources to Help You Create an Online Course

Essentials of Online Course Design

Create an Online CourseEssentials of Online Course Design will teach you a set of standards that are based on best practices in the field of online learning and teaching. This book takes a fresh, thoughtfully designed, step-by-step approach to online course development and before long, you’ll be a master in creating an online course.

Some key features of this text include: examples, screen shots, and illustrations to clarify and support the text; a Companion Website with examples, adaptable templates, interactive learning features, and online resources; a checklist of online course design standards that readers can use to self-evaluate.

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The Online Teaching Survival Guide

As stated on Amazon, The Online Teaching Survival Guide “provides an overview of theory-based techniques for online teaching or for a technology-enhanced course, including course management, social presence, community building, and debriefing. Based on traditional pedagogical theory, this resource integrates the latest research in cognitive processing and learning outcomes.”

This guidebook presents instructional strategies in a four-phase timeline, suitable for any online course. Faculty with both little knowledge of educational theory and those well-versed will find this book useful in developing their practical online teaching skills.

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The Successful Virtual Classroom

Create an Online CourseLearn how to create a flexible learning environment in The Successful Virtual Classroom. Make the most of virtual classroom features such as content and screen sharing, annotation tools, polls, and breakout rooms.

You’ll learn how to do the following: seamlessly weave chat responses into the discussion; compensate for the absence of body language; Monitor feedback; engage individuals with different learning styles; encourage audience contribution; and meet the unique needs of global participants

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