Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

If you have a love of art and design, then Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design might be for you! Photo Courtesy of RMCAD.

Online learners passionate about the visual arts should check out Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design (RMCAD).

This art school offers fully-accredited online degree programs in 3D Animation, Fashion Design, Illustration, Graphic Design, and more. You’ll gain career-related skills while taking your art to the next level with these courses.

About Online Learning at Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design

RMCAD has developed their online courses to foster an environment of one-click communication. Everything you need to learn online at RMCAD is only one-click away. Whether you need to contact your professor or fellow students, access a class lecture, or submit an assignment, the developers at RMCAD have made it as simple as possible.

Best of all, this online college offers classes taught by the same faculty as the school’s on-campus offerings. Students can rest assured knowing that they’ll be taught by skilled instructors.

RMCAD has also worked hard to create an engaging online community so that you don’t feel isolated from your classmates. Just because you are taking an online class, that doesn’t mean that you can’t still interact with them!

Online courses include video and multimedia content instruction, a “Critique Zone,” that provides a space for constructive feedback from professors and peers. Their online help desk is also available any time to help with any technical issues.

Available Programs

rocky mountain college of art and design

This book will help you sharpen your design skills!

RMCAD offers online degrees in the following areas:

  • Animation
  • Art Education
  • Commercial Photography
  • Fashion Design
  • Fine Arts
  • Game Art
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Interior Design

The also offer Certificates in the following areas:

  • 3D Animation: Pre-Production
  • Pathways to Art and Design
  • Intro to Leadership and Design Thinking
  • 3D Animation: Character Animation
  • Investigations in Learning and Leadership

Visit Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design’s website for more information and to learn about their campus in Colorado.