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Approved Colleges connects you with the best of the best in online education. Whether you are looking for a degree in business, education or in medical coding and much, much, more, there’s something for everyone.

Their extensive search feature allows you to carefully pick the degree, school, courses and level that is right for you in your life. Whether you are a parent looking to finish a degree or a college student wanting to supplement your existing education, Approved Colleges will help you find something to fit in your schedule.

Approved Colleges Facts

The expansive resources in the Approved Colleges database includes 15,450 online degrees; 2,080 online schools; 2,020 online courses; 440 skills assessments; and 1,090 career listings. Courses can fit in any budget, as they start at a mere $30.

Some featured schools include Full Sail University, University of the Rockies, Penn Foster and Capella University. You can earn degrees at the following levels: Associate, Bachelor, Bachelor Completion, Certificate, Doctorate and Master.

Courses and Degree Programs from Approved Colleges are accessible and challenging. They are designed to provide students with a quality learning experience on par with leading education institutions.

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